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I think everybody knows about Escape Quest Games that are very popular nowadays and I hope at least some of you have already tried this fascinating activity. So, let`s talk about the verb escape. 

Escape from = втекти звідкись/від когось чи чогось 

Don`t even try to escape from boarding school as you will have big troubles. 

Escape something = уникати чогось 

An 11-year-old kid fakes kidnapping toescape exam.=)


Now try to fill in the gaps with the preposition from where it is necessary:

1.      She managed to escape _____ the burning car.

2.      He escaped _____ prison this morning.

3.      She was lucky to escape _____ punishment.

4.      His family escaped _____ Germany and arrived in Britain in 1938.

5.      She saw university as a way to escape _____ her parents.

6.      Two security guards escaped _____ injury in the attack.

7.      The cinema allowed people to escape _____ the depressing realities of their lives. 



1.      From

2.      From


4.      From

5.      From


7.      From  

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