Scared of + noun /V-ing/to-V = боятись

I`m scared of spiders/crashing/to crash.

Scared by = бути наляканим чимось

I was scared by the explosion.

Now try to fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1.      My younger brother is scared ___ unknown people.

2.      She was too scared ___ rise her voice.

3.      He never drives at night, he is scared ___ falling asleep.

4.      I didn`t go hiking. I was scared ___ injuring my knees.

5.      I am too scared ___ stay alone in this house.

6.      Shoppers in a mall were scared ___ a stranger touching their shoulder from behind.

What about your fears? Write what you are scared of using all 3 possible variants (noun /V-ing/to-). I`ll start:

I am scared of spiders and all bugs.

I am really scared of walking in darkness, especially along the street.

I can also say that I`m scared to be injured as I`m scared of pain as well=)

So, it`s your turn!


1.  Of

2.  To

3.  Of

4.  Of

5.   To

6.   By 

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